Why only 2 slots for Melee weapons? The way its setup in the UI its a toggle for weapons sets so we could easily have 3 or 4.

Make weapons changes more dynamic and part of the ongoing gameplay instead of like 'this is my perma weapon set up until I find something magic with better stats.'

Martial Classes in particular could be more about mixing it up with their weapons. Sometimes spears are better than sword and shield loadout, or short sword to get in close, slash vs pierce whatever. But doing this from the inventory screen takes the player out of the action. Changing armor loadouts should take an action, but weapons can be more flexible.

On the paper doll when you Toggle Char Sheet or Equipment:

More weapons loadouts there's definitely room for 4

Some things with dual weapons/ranged loadouts on the right side.

It'd be nice to see some variety there too for the companions. Shadowheart might get a spear or Lae'zel a scimitar or Astarion a rapier, to match all the splash art. Just have it as their second default weapons loadout, and we'd still have two weapons slots free to experiment with other weapons we find if we had 4 slots.

There's also room on the paper doll equip UI to put another couple Ring slots or a second amulate slot. Those I think would make sense.

This is one UI aspect that looks pretty identical to BG1 that I wish actual would get an update.

Right now there 13 slots on the paper doll. Why not go big with like 18 slots or maybe more? Or instead of a single column on either side of the avatar you could have a secondary tier for other things like gloves armor and whatnot, but have switching those require an action. Whereas stuff like rings or necklaces its easy to imagine the character wearing a couple on each hand. Or having a second necklace. Even circlets and hoods could be a different type of helm the way cloaks and capes are treated separately from robes or sashes. There's just a lot of room there I think to sensibly have more equipment loadouts from the paper doll.

But anyway weapons I think get the most mileage since it would be fun to have more options when you "toggle weapons sets"

All this gives more purpose to the equipment we find along the way, and to hold on to and utilize more of the drops, since there'd be more slots. More purpose for keeping different crossbows/bows or throwing weapons like mauls or knives. Especially for dual wielding types. Spear and Shield is one of the most iconic wish we had that. Spears and staves should have a 1 handed loadout.

I wish we had things like scabbards and belt straps and such. Games always leave that stuff alone but it could be a whole part of the inventory/equipment and aesthetic

I think torches/lanterns should be a slot on the paper doll. I don't think we should have to dip or cast fire to light a torch. It should just be assumed to include a flint or match. It could be an item with limited uses like say 5 times to ignite before it burns out. That'd be sensible since they use oil and wax anyway or wood that eventually burns out. But it should be a quickly from the toggle.

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