Here are my thoughts after about 15h00 of gameplay.

I will develop this in the few next days. I will try to make it concese with + points and - points.

Where to start…
The first thing I would like to say is that the game is rather a good game and for sure not a bad game at all in the current state (beta).
But to be honest I do not find the magic of the Baldur's gate series (or Icewindale). I remember at the time when I played all those titles I was so WOW. The atmosphere was there, the lore, the environments. I loved actually Icewindale for the beautiful environments. Strangely I do not find them really here. I would say that that the interiors are usually great but the exteriors not so much. I have a little a feeling that it's a "reskin" of Divinity in some ways. I can't really point out what is wrong but does not feel really "baldury". Idon't often feel the sense of danger. It's not the case for the interiors. I could definily sense the danger when I got down in the well and spiders were everywhere!

The +

+ Love the voice over. It adds Something.
+ The music/soundtrack in general!
+ The choices and interaction in general (dialogs, paths, combat).
+ The turn to turn combat. Like it a lot. Perhaps the active pose could be implemented also.
+ the 3D levels (but also a minus see further down)
+ Objects design/illustration/3d
+ It's baldur gate?


- I really but really dislike the dialog cut scenes. The animations are dated and stiff. The mise en scène is not good at all. It kills for me the "immersiveness of the game. I would prefer rather no cuts scenes.
- Combat heavy. A little too much. Would love more intrigue.
- UI is not great at all. But guess this will be corrected. I have a lot of difficulties as an example to check my character, leveling, skills etc. 5guess this is work in progress)
- The leveling of characters seems really poor. Not many options or things to choose when you level. It's seems almost an automatic leveling system. Is it due to the D&D5 rules? Not sure. But I miss the older school leveling.
- No ammo count?
- The 3D level. I think it's sometimes not easy when you are in combat to have a good view of where are the opponents. I had that problem for instance against the phase spiders.
- Would love to have a view slightly further up of my party.
- I think you need a really strong computer at the moment to play the game. I have a decent computer (I5 9400 / 24 Go / Gtx1660S) and when I am in game my computer gets really Noisy.
- the spells effects. Specially on characters (mage armour etc...)
- Is it Baldur's gate really?
- Jumps out of combat
- Pushes in combat are nice but they should be adjusted.

Voilà for now. I will add a few more things in the days to come and a more in depth feeling in french also.

I am to be honest a little disapointed at the moment.
Something is missing and can't oint out what excatly. I really Don't want to play a Divinity reskin…

I really Don't find the magic and the atmosphere of what made baldur's gate great…

Nevertheless thanks for the efforts Larian team and what you have achieved so far.

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