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I guess people don’t comprehend the fact that those added features like dishing advantage will highly impact advantage based classes that are not currently in the game, like barbarians & If xanathars get released at some point samurai. Also, there are crowd control spells like Fear will also be highly affected as the advantage effect will not be as good.

The majority of the folks here that are supporting Larians decisions in regard that flavor homebrew rules simply can’t see the future ahead and actually capture the picture that a minor change in the rules will lead to a snowball effect that in the end gonna alter the whole DnD mechanics.

Dude most of the people which are against some of the feedback regarding rule changes breaking the game can't tell left from right. They are completely clueless about what they're saying, for example:

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Lower AC is necessary. In turn-based rpg misses aren't funny for most people.
It's frustrating when you miss every attack for several turns in a row, but if you lowered AC you have to increase HP or fight will be to easy.
You can't just add new enemies because no one wants to wait 10 minutes for next turn.
Changes in rules are necessary if Larian wants to sell a game for people unfamiliar with d&d.
You can't make game for few thousand people if you create AAA.

All they want is to play a clicker game where you make a 4 fighter party and click on the enemy. Every attack must hit and have a 50% crit chance. Also, every attack must have an ultra flashy animation like some bullshit MMORPG where a simple auto attack from a level 1 character shatters the ground and sends waves of force etc. They don't realize that these changes break several fundamentals of the gameplay. Oh, there's a sleep spell? uh. My irl INT score is too low so I never take spell casters anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Team-work? Class synergies? Buffs and debuffs? Wat dat? ME SMASH!
There are problems with the game which need to be addressed at their core. The way people argue about this just makes it seem like they want a never-ending loop of workarounds that attempt to fix part of a problem to create 10 others...

We all like Larian here, at least to some extent. Otherwise we wouldn't have bothered to pay full price for a severely unfinished EA game, play the buggy mess, create an account in their forums and take time out of our days to come and try to better the game. Still, it remains the fact that Larian has taken several liberties with the game which made many people upset, and rightly so. If they want to use the Baldur's Gate name, they should respect its origins and player base. Instead, they copy pasted DOS2 and threw the DnD 5e ruleset in there using a crooked canon as their precision instrument of choice. The rules are so mangled to the point that they break core functionalities of the game. Spells become pointless, enemies become bullet sponges. Surfaces everywhere... Bogus advantages of all kinds, fucked up disengage/jump bundles that make the game into a kangaroo simulator. Combat is boring as shit... They can't just make a DOS2 clone, change some stuff and say "fuck it, this'll do.".

What worries me is the fact that many of them sided with Larian without any sort of rational thinking. I understand the passionate way of thinking of those guys because in the end Larian reintroduced this genre back to the top, even though I’m not fan of DOS2. Yet, Larian lacks in something CD have in abundance - concept aggressiveness and detachment of previous successes. CD is not worried about what Witcher’s fans might think or how they’ll be disappointed in having this medieval to cybernetic changes.
Compared to CD, Larian didn’t have to create a new whole environment - the rule set and the lore was always there waiting to be explored. The resources are constantly being wasted due to the fear they have of innovating over a great sales success.

Quite frankly, the biggest difference I’ve noticed between BG1/2 to BG3 is the audience target. It seems that the game wasn’t made for those who enjoy quality over quantity. sometimes I feel that I’m in a point and click game where I’m locked in a room and I must figure out how to leave and there’s only one path out there. From the time I’ve spent playing the game I’m almost 100% sure that battle system gives me way less freedom compared to any other tactical game and that’s a major flaw in the concept where the company sold a game that you can be whomever you want yet in battles you gonna fight their way.