In general I agree with the OP statement but I disagree with the “reasons why”

The games currently feel like an overloaded world full of meaningless content. The magic of the discovery and exploration was obliterated by this no-fog-of-war map, where you can even see what’s waiting behind the door. The magic of the face to face battle was replaced to tactical advantage as a must to thrive.
The magic of that low level party that could’ve TPK by a single wolf in the wilderness replaced to fighting a whole city of goblinoids at level 3 that only can be accomplished because the mechanics have been altered. Would that be in tabletop the outcome would be TPK.

Larian lost the track of simplicity and the early access is delivering an unpolished world of Faerun. Is it a better game than 90% of the games in the market? Definitely. Will I remember it in 10 years like I do BG1/2? Definitely not