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And, please, get rid of those over the top facial expressions of PC during dialogs. They just look like teenagers who lack self esteem rather than an adventurer who is on an epic journey about life and death in a land full of magic and danger.

to this I'd like to say that there is probably a thin line between 'over the top facial expressions' and the characters looking absolutely lifeless. its probably not that easy to implement in a completely natural way, since humans are so incredibly sensitive to mimics/facial recognition in general.

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That so called romance in party night at camp is waaaay far from romance. It is a very low level grab what you can kind of one night stand. I mean your party members get aligned to be picked up by PC is a huge immersion breaker.

Another huge immersion breaker is nothing really changes in dialogs or personality of the companion with whom you made love a night before. There is just some kind of "what do you think about last night" option and it is completely empty.

about the romance thing, I also found it a bit unbelievable that everyone is suddenly into you. and like you said, it feels a bit empty when after that night the companion you romanced acts almost entirely like it never happened. The only companion for which I think a one night stand makes sense is Astarion (i mean, the dude probably wasn't allowed to have sex for over 200 years - you would be horny too).

I should have made a video of my wood elf ranger's facial expressions during that night. It is beyond pathetic. It was like my char was mentally challenged and never saw a woman naked before!
Well if there is a thin line then you should be extra careful not to cross it. I mean this 2020 and there are tons of great examples to look after. Witcher 3 is a 5 years old game and has 1000 times better facial expressions than BG3.

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