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The +

+ Love the voice over. It adds Something.
+ The music/soundtrack in general!
+ The choices and interaction in general (dialogs, paths, combat).
+ The turn to turn combat. Like it a lot. Perhaps the active pose could be implemented also.
+ the 3D levels (but also a minus see further down)
+ Objects design/illustration/3d
+ It's baldur gate?


- I really but really dislike the dialog cut scenes. The animations are dated and stiff. The mise en scène is not good at all. It kills for me the "immersiveness of the game. I would prefer rather no cuts scenes.
- Combat heavy. A little too much. Would love more intrigue.
- UI is not great at all. But guess this will be corrected. I have a lot of difficulties as an example to check my character, leveling, skills etc. 5guess this is work in progress)
- The leveling of characters seems really poor. Not many options or things to choose when you level. It's seems almost an automatic leveling system. Is it due to the D&D5 rules? Not sure. But I miss the older school leveling.
- No ammo count?
- The 3D level. I think it's sometimes not easy when you are in combat to have a good view of where are the opponents. I had that problem for instance against the phase spiders.
- Would love to have a view slightly further up of my party.
- I think you need a really strong computer at the moment to play the game. I have a decent computer (I5 9400 / 24 Go / Gtx1660S) and when I am in game my computer gets really Noisy.
- the spells effects. Specially on characters (mage armour etc...)
- Is it Baldur's gate really?
- Jumps out of combat
- Pushes in combat are nice but they should be adjusted.

Il start at the top smile with the good:

-yeah love the atmosphere. Voices are really well done, some lore things like the enviroment around the hag setting the hairs on your back upright. Done perfectly!
-Larian does do options to complete quests and/or dialogue nicely but in some areas im afraid they put some illusion of choice instead of actuall choice. Needs some ironing out imo.
-Turn based is true to DND and alot of mechanics simply wouldnt work in a true time system. They would need to rework or overhaul so much some entire class features would get tossed in the bin,. Glad they kept the game turn based.
-I love the verticality but holy shit they got to tweak that camera. Its a hot glitchy mess!
-Yeah their engine is great for very detailed enviroments.

And the bad:
-The cut scenes all bug out for me so I agree there. Like, quite literally ALL of them. Im either looking at a wall, some random character who decided to stand in the middle of the conversation or I have 10 second pauses between each sentance. It defenitly needs ironing out but the manner in which the conversations go are very akin to how they went into BG1+2, The conversations with your companions are a little bit more....dickish though but hopefully they can work on that.
-Combat is imo indeed abit on the heavy side and far to punishing atm. If you treat your players like this as a DM I doubt many will stay for very long. Currently fights are either super easy or soul crushingly hard. There is no in between. So we need to give them more feedback on that imo.
-Leveling is defenitly 5E atm but in the past we dident get much options to do with leveling either. HP was automaticly rolled and classes like fighter just got more HP, THACO and attacks (for BG1+2) only in Throne of baal did they actually get options for the heroic skills that they got. So in that regard its not just this game. Dnd as a whole is like this. Spellcasters have the most choice where they can pick new spells.
-Mundane arrows beeing infinitly available isent something that im worried about tbh. I guess they could require you to have a quiver available but alot of players will run into issues of 'book keeping' that ive heard people complain about around hte table. Honestly I dont mind myself if they did require us to buy arrows but a great deal of players seem to hate it.
-Like I said at the + point, the camera is glitchy as all hell. At times I believe its actively trying to give me seizures. If it works properly though we get to really appreciate the verticality ^_^
- vision is actually very constricted if you look at dnd rules. Well in darkness anyway. Darkvision (or god help you if you dont have that and are in darkness) really sucks and can put you at serious disadvantages against monsters (or humanoids) that have superior vision. Its rough and a pain in the ass, and its supposed to be like that. Some creatures have VERY good sight and use that to ambush their prey so im looking forward to see what kind of shenanigans they are going to pull out of their hat laugh
-Dont know about really strong. My pc is roughly 4 years old and is scheduled for recplacement next year but it can still run the game. It does hang from time to time but aside from that its fine. Mind you it was a good gaming pc at the time so maybe im just pampered? *shrug*
-You dislike the spell effects? I love how they portray them tbh. Is there anything in particular that you dislike about it? Aside from magic missle hitting terrain ( -.- ) I havent really found it to be an issue...
-Its not bg1 or bg2. If thats what you are asking. Nor did they say they were recreating those. I do agree that they need to give it more of a bg flavour compared to a DOS II flavour but not sure how they should accomplish that?
-You dislike the jumping outside of combat? Considering the freedom to explore that it gives the player im suprised that someone is bothered by that :o any reason why it bothers you?
-Yeah shove is really OP and needs a serious overhaul at the moment. Completly agree!