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Im under the impression this isn't meant to be the final version of this, but admittedly its only cuz of how ham-fisted and out of nowhere it is. No one could have looked at this and said "Yeah, this makes sense for this group who has known each other less then a week"

Githyanki girl especially, i didn't get her romance option but even the refusal sounded all kinds of off for her

The only companion for which I think a one night stand makes sense is Astarion (i mean, the dude probably wasn't allowed to have sex for over 200 years - you would be horny too).

Completely agree with this, I had talked to him first and found it pretty natural only to then be wierded out by everyone else wanting it too

Well, Astarion is another example of being over the top in this game. The dude seems like he will dry hump you during a fight laugh

He's a vampire spawn, permanently stuck between thirsty and thirsty

The only bare beginnings of a romance plot in Chapter 1 is Shadowheart, but the rest of them are just sex which makes a lot of sense given the impending doom and the fact that everyone has the body of an athlete

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