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It will turn into romance if you pursue it to the end of the game. How many people have you slept with one time that wanted to spend the rest of their life with you right after?

so you are just a person who can only think of extremes!

How so? In my own experiences, I've had plenty of dates that didn't turn into anything else, whether they ended up in the sack or not. I've also had a fair share of nights in the sack that didn't start from, or end up in anything like a romance. I don't view any of that as "extreme", just part of life. I've met plenty of people that I feel like the world would be better off w/out. Why would it be unusual to run into that kind of scenario in a game?

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Keep in mind that this is only the first act: these are the opening motions of will -become- a romance later on in the game!

The 'hookups' at this point in time are just that; they're intended to be whirlwind, potentially alcohol-induced nights of revelry. Will they stay as just that? Or will you keep going back? Find out in Act 2 and beyond!

This is just wishful thinking. Companions are just literally alinged to be picked up at that night like red-light district prostitutes or as if high school horny teenagers who just wait for an oportunity to get laid. These are supposed to be people who have extreme backgrounds and immense experience. We are talking about people who can get into love affairs with a goddess or seen and done things with demons which granted them immense powers so that they have gone extraordianry adventures. However, somehow they get easily picked up to get laid by a person they just know for a week while they are in a mortal danger.

Do you really think it is not immersion breaker than go on have fun playing this game. I am happy for you.

So the only way a person could take any interest in you is if they're a prostitute, and yet you were claiming someone else's view of this situation was extreme? I can see plenty of reasons to want to blow off some steam in a hot and sweaty sexual encounter, especially in the current predicament they're in. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you're a mind flayer, might as well do something you'll regret, or regret not doing, if you can remember your past life, while you have a chance. Sorry that they didn't wine and dine you, and bring you flowers, but to flip your argument back on you here, it's a life and death situation, and fiction is full of relationships, for better or worse, that spring up out of these situations, and it doesn't have to be particularly romantic.

But tell me, since you seem to have a lot of insight into how this unfolds later in the game, exactly how do these romances play out in Act II and III? You can put it in spoiler tags if you want.