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Keep in mind that this is only the first act: these are the opening motions of will -become- a romance later on in the game!

The 'hookups' at this point in time are just that; they're intended to be whirlwind, potentially alcohol-induced nights of revelry. Will they stay as just that? Or will you keep going back? Find out in Act 2 and beyond!

This is just wishful thinking. Companions are just literally alinged to be picked up at that night like red-light district prostitutes or as if high school horny teenagers who just wait for an oportunity to get laid. These are supposed to be people who have extreme backgrounds and immense experience. We are talking about people who can get into love affairs with a goddess or seen and done things with demons which granted them immense powers so that they have gone extraordianry adventures. However, somehow they get easily picked up to get laid by a person they just know for a week while they are in a mortal danger.

Do you really think it is not immersion breaker than go on have fun playing this game. I am happy for you.

What the actual hell are you talking about?

Love affairs with goddesses? Lol what?

Let's go one at a time:

Lae'zel: A githyanki, they party hard, they don't have monogomy. If you got Lae'zel pregnant, she wouldn't even tell you until after laying her eggs in a creche
Wyll: An emotionally fragile man who tries to put on a front that he's a big hero who does things heroes are supposed to do. Banging Sexy Ladies Is a Thing Heroes Do Right?!
Asterion: A vampire who's primary job is half whore and half spy. Horny af
Gale: A pretty normal wizard who obviously has access to some kind of family or organizational wealth for his research that he's lost access to. Probably because of his PROBLEM
Shadowheart: Doesn't do a one night hookup to my knowledge under any circumstance

Which one of these people is fucking gods? What things has Wyll "seen and done" with Demons? What about Asterion or Lae'zel's personalities indicates to you that they don't frequently engage in meaningless sex?

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