Combat AI Bug:
When fighting the hook horrors in the underdark, I had killed the first Hooked Horror quickly and advanced to engage the next set. When Filro the Forgotten advanced and ended his turn near a Susser Flower he lost the ability to cast magic (obviously), but on subsequent turns he did not act and awaited his demise. I would have expected him to reposition himself so that he would be able to cast spells, but he didn't for 2-3 turns until I killed him. Mwahahaha.

Combat UI Bug:
When controlling a Glut-SporeRezzed Hooked Horror in the underdark, the combat ui bar at the bottom is glitched in three places. 1) The actions/bonus actions pallette 2) The hotbar right of the hourglass has a break in it 3) The white bits on the right hotbar are too far to the right by a square or so? Playing on 2560x1440. Picture below for show-and-tell.

When fighting with Glut I used his spore ressurection on 3 Hooked Horrors, I understood that I could only have 1 "spore animated/rezzed" at a time, but I found that I could use scrolls of revivify on the previous 2 Hooked Horrors. This is where it gets wierd... When finishing the Duergar camp off with Glut and 3 hooked horrors in tow (I killed Glut after his conversation about Spaw) I found I had an uncontrollable yet friendly (green) Hooked Horror and my 2 "Revivified" Horrors were dead (but still on my character as available to Ressurect). I revivified the two dead Horrors after the battle and when I ended the day expecting them to dissappear they healed to full health but were in the underdark. When I travelled to the smithy in the blighted village to create the Masterwork weapon with the susser bark the Horrors joined my character in the cutscene and are now fully controllable and present with me above ground.

Cinematic Issue:
When talking with Blurg in the Myconid Colony the below linked scene was wierd, I started the conversation standing slightly below him, and I am a Wood Elf Female. His head was pushed lower than the camera.

Trading Bug:
When trading with Blurg in the Myconid Colony I first bought the Sapphire Spark necklace, but when I went to buy the Sunwalker's Gift ring I matched price but it appeared to only put in 0gold... confusing. I pushed trade and it removed the correct amount of gold, but looked wrong as it appeared to have only been displaying 0.

Text Grammar Issue:
The description text on the "Shadow of Menzoberranzan" reads "eagerly waiting envelop". I beleive this should be "eagerly waiting to envelop", or re-written to "eagerly waiting to shield you from view" to avoid overuse of the word envelop.... Envelop.

UI issue:
When on the inventory screen and I want to go to equipment screen (shortcut N) I have to either double click it or hold down for a good half second before it changes screen. (realised I haven't mentioned this sooner)