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Too many melee misses are not fun. You maybe a spell caster fan but a lot of people ae not. Plus, 5e is not perfectly balanced. Magic is easily op. No melee can come close to casters without the help of magic items.

However, too many successful attacks are not fun too. I would rather have enemies with a little bit dodge than being a meatshield.

Too many misses ARE unfun, which is why Larian's homebrew elevation rules are silly

Everyone who thinks you need Larian's insane elevation changes for elevation to matter tactically either A: hasn't played a TTRPG or turn based tactical shooter before, or B: should go play the first goblin fight in Solasta: Crown of the Magister, where the goblins can use their elevation to get out of line of sight, flank you, or bypass your cover, the game doesn't decide that you need to have a 30% chance to hit them because they're above you if they're standing in the open

How about this compromise: Ranged weapons have disadvantage outside of their short range when firing vertically? This would be trivial to calculate for Larian

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