Having weird perfomance issues. Everything was fine at first, just a little lag here and there, maybe a little memory leak after several hours of playing, but never anything too bad or unfixable by a simple restart.
But then in a couple of days the game started lagging horribly out of nowhere. I haven't changed any settings or anything with my PC and it wasn't after any game update. The only thing that has changed in between - some random Steam update, but I doubt that's what causing this.
The game is pretty much unplayable like this. Everything lags when I move camera or even open inventory or menu screen. It feels like a massive memory leak, but it happens immediately after I launch the game and not after couple of hours. Restarting the game or PC changes nothing. Lowering graphics doesn't do anything as well. No idea what this might be.
I've also tried running both on Vulkan and DX11 and with/without steam overlay. No change

edit: updated my drivers and ran the game on DX11. It's better now, but still somehow more laggy than couple of days ago even though I had an older driver installed

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