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Sorry, OP not with you. A number of my real world 'romances' have started this way. It's time for celebration, inhibitions are down and people are realizing how shared circumstances and joint tasks have brought them together.

My favorite is the slow burn, you can enjoy a bottle of wine and kiss with Shadowheart and she (consistent with the strictures of her deity) create some distance the next day.

As time goes on we will see if attraction and desire become lurve.

Maybe because you are just a regular no one. Is it possible?
However, in this game, we are in a high fantasy settings with the characters who should behave appropriately according to their experience and settings they are into. Not according to your real life experience which no one wants to play as a video game.

It's in the Forgotten realms, the Sword Coast

A fantasy setting that has no social mores against hookups

Nobody is making you hook up with any of your party members

I can cite you textual evidence of the behavior your companions display being normal for the setting if you want, and if you don't want it and prefer to stick to realism, I suggest you look up what happens at the Olympic Village every time the Olympics is held

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