I as much as anyone will fixate on aspects of something I find intolerable. That’s probably not very useful feedback.

Instead I thought we should highlight a few little things already in the game that are GREAT. They already know how to do this, so maybe they can include more of it through out the rest of the game. Then even if it’s not the game you wanted, it’s just generally richer.

I’ll go first.

I really liked the no-nonsense attitude storytelling on the nautiloid and right after. The game was really good at informing the player and if you ignored that there were consequences. You investigate the brine container, and are told it could break, if you mess with it, it spills brine on you. Lea’Zhal says not to touch anything on the bridge, if you do you can summon enemies. Afterwards on the beach you see 3 intellect devourers scuttle into the ship wreckage. You know if you go that way alone you’ll get wrecked so it walks you into shadow heart.

This sets you up to understand this is a world with predictable consequences, not mass effect. Not every lever need be pulled, not every action you can take has positive results. I thought this was gold. By the time you hit the trapped mind flayer, you should have learned this. If you haven’t and you free him, he ends your game.

This was all FANTASTIC to me. It was tightly written, the game offers you bad outcomes and the gameplay mechanics reinforce the general theme they’re going for. Amazing. I also really liked that I could kill the first companion I met. That was the firs time I felt some real agency.

I’d like to see more of this in the game. By the time you get to the Druid grove, this cohesion and consequences, the tight interplay between narrative, mechanics and visuals kinda falls apart.

Anyway, what about you guys? What is some little gold moment of reward or gameplay that really made this game stand out for you?

Please don’t attack other people’s suggestions. We really need a thread that isn’t divisive or a sea of complaints