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Real Time with Pause.

I think if Larian wanted to make a Baldur's Gate 3 and not a Divinity 3 with better marketing, they should stay true to the general feel of Baldur's Gate. The general feel when playing, exploring, and fighting should be as close as possible, and real time with pause is a major part of that experience. There is no Baldur's Gate game on the market that is turn based for a reason. Stay true to the IP.

The IP revolves around the Setting and story. Just because it doesn't have RTwP doesn't mean it's not every much a "Baldurs Gate" game as BG1/BG2 where, honestly comparing something adapted from AD&D and something adapted from 5e is crazy. They are so massive different in how they play they might as well be apples and oranges.

Baldurs gate 3 is based on an actual DnD module called "Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus", so how the heck do you get off saying it's not a Baldurs Gate game...... they've also said since day 1 it is not a direct sequel to BG1 / BG2 but it does take place 100 years after Baldurs gate 1/2 and will have lore and other connections to those games.

They created those games as RTwP because it worked well with the AD&D system. The 5e system was built / tailored more towards the turn based play. I'm a huge fan of DnD and played BG1/BG2 the day they released and they are some of my favorite games. But I'm not caught up on the whole RTwP issue.

Telling WoTC that they can't name the game after the module it's based off of which is also named Baldurs Gate etc etc because it doesn't have RTwP is just ridiculous.
Honestly not even considering the Gameplay of BG1/BG2 but looking at the systems they are based off of. Who can honestly say 5e would play well as a RTwP game. Be honest now.

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