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I'm glad they're keeping to the current lore, Mystra is super active in the world, and if you are going to cause a magical cataclysm, expect a visit from her, Elminster, or Storm

Forgotten Realms wiki article for Mystra including bibliography

1 - "Toward the end of her reign as the keeper of the Weave, she had grown tired and bitter, fed up with the schemes, maneuverings, and blatant attacks that her preeminent position attracted from every power-hungry being, sycophant, and fawning parasite, for century after century. Her pride in her status, and the kindness and respect she received from those that aided or worshiped her for other than magical gain, kept her hopes alive."

2 - "As the centuries passed, Mystra had grown tired of the ceaseless grasping for power through pleading, flattery, or treachery. She and her portfolio were the target of gods and mortals alike and that took its toll on the Mother of All Magic."

Mystra was super active in the world. This is post time of troubles.

Just for contrast, here is the wiki entry on Gale.

"Gale has one ambition: to become the greatest wizard Faerûn has ever known. Yet his thirst for magic led to disaster. A Netherese Destruction Orb beats in his chest, counting down to an explosion that can level a city. Gale is confident he'll overcome it, but time is not on his side."

Totally 'accurate' Mystra and FR Lore here yep no discrepancies.

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