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For me, It's now proven : there should be an option/mod for "strict DnD 5e" rules mode in BG3.

Modders are already working on that.

DnD Rebalancing

I just hate that Larian seems to becoming another Bethesda, expecting modders to fix their games. I wish Larian would add a "House Rule" tab in options where we could turn off the various changes Larian is making to 5e rules.

I'm glad modder are working on the height elevation shenanigan BG3 have atm. Such as carrying a box around and putting it at your feet at no action cost, stand on it and have advantage... LOL what???

It doesn't *look* like it's possible to change that with mods

I would love Larian to drop the height advantage and lower height disadvantage, but if they don't, I'd settle for giving us an ability modifier we can put in mods to ignore it