Maybe I'm bad at games (well I play for fun so I never have been into become a professionale world league level player :P ) but some affirmations in this thread make me raise a perplexed eyebrown.

I lost count of the times my party got killed (and I'm playing in classic mode that should be average difficulty), and in a lot of battles I have to reload to get the right strategy.

Also maybe I have bad luck in dice rolls but pushing alone has never been the easy way (specially if the enemies have ranged attackers or are able to teleport), to be useful you have to have a fught in a place that has the right height, with at least one border without protections so that the pushed enemy can fall (and again if the fall is not enough they wont die), sometimes its only a way to give some room to ranged attackers (that have a penalty if they are engaged on proximity battles), also you have to carefully use the barils to create damaging surfaces.

Now I am someone who loves videogames, but as I said I play for fun, I'm interested in the story and to engage in endless battles where I'm forced to reload again and again is not my turf.

I get it RPG have battles and so on, but they are a story in wich a character moves, not a virtual survival training. When I want to stress out the strategist or restless fighter or hypercoordinated sharpshooter I play other games (well I don't I already spend energy and effort in my work).

My point is that for an average user the difficulty of this game, in the "classic" difficulty mode, is enough.

I get the good old days of complicated games, that where niche. Well in those days computers were a niche product.

I'm not saying Larian or other game developpers should make the games obscenely easy (I got bored of the so much loved and acclaimed Skyrim because it was so user friendly that no action really have a consequence and in the end characters could do everything, same reason I only play occasionaly to ESO, and the story behind was not compelling enough) but neither as difficult as the old BG (never finished those one because i got pissed after have been killed about fifty times without even reach 3rd level and because, too, even to got to camp was an hazard), what I say is that developpers could add more choices in the gameplay options so that a player can make their own experience the more personalized possible.

Obviously I'm not a programmer so i don't know how much effort or tweaking it could take, but the best solution would be to add (like in the Age of Empires and Civilization of old) in the average difficulty set the option to switch off or on the fog of war, the possibility to switch on a "non safe fast travel/travel to camp", get prone instead of fall down borders.

(And, come on is funny to think Shadowheart eating a full roasted boar while in the battle, but still is the same as drinking a potion, the bottles of potion are not so little and woul require more than one action to dring them).

Up to now my concerns are about Larian not falling in the same issue, or at least what I felt like an issue, of Skyrim: the lack of repercussions of your moral choices or achievements, the fact that there were not limits that make really hard to made a character become a jack of all trades and a master of all (I had an Imperial Legionaire that was too higher in the thief guild ranking, I remember npc giving directions and gossip about the school fo magic even if my toon was the archmage etc etc.. ...) and that they don't use the tadpoles as an excuse to give to the main charcater and companions powers not enlisted in the D&D canon. It would be annoying to discover that it was all a ruse, we know indeed that something big is happening so I hope Larian is able to give a nice explanation (and make the "eliinate the parasite" only a founding stone and not a recurrent cliché).

I have to admitt that some issues are already there, for example (spoiler ahead)
in the swanp I killed the monster hunter after Astarion, him was in the party. when I interacted few game seasons after the dialogue was funny because it was like Astarion wasn't there to fight and kill the enemy :O :O

I agree with the complains of the cut scenes, I love them because they add deep to the characters but come on, talking to a wall? or a feet? os a chunk of chest hair? O.o (in the camp cutscenes supposedly important to the story are full of polygons intersecting, rigidity, walls.. ...).

Another thing I really find annoying and upsetting is the fact that my toon doesn't has a voice. So there are thuse discussions in wich I hear (and read) the phrase said by an NPC and jusr read both the text and the emoticon expression of my toon when it comes to its anwers.