In Death Masks, which takes place concurrently with the campaign module Storm King's Thunder, Mystra is even seen by a homeless guy in Waterdeep when she's bugging Elminster, later she (seems to) castigate the blackstaff, but mostly leaves things to her chosen when they're available.

She is a young and brash goddess, possessing many of the old Mystra's memories, but being her own person, and especially being a lot more secretive with her chosen

My GUESS is that Gale is on the knife's edge of becoming a new chosen of Mystra or dying horribly. Mystra is currently recruiting, big time

In fact Laerel is Open Lord of Waterdeep only because the reborn Mystra commanded it, in Death Masks they directly comment on how unusual it is for a god to take such a direct role in mortal governance, but Mystra is super keen on increasing the number of spellcasters in Faerun, and creating more egalitarian access to The Art

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