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Turn Based combat can flow smoothly and be fast paced.

There's not a single example of this anywhere. It cannot be done, by definition, and will never be the case with BG3.

So your saying there is not a single turn based rpg or turn based tactical rpg that flows smoothly and is fast paced. Or even good for that matter

Damn what the heck have we been playing since video games / table top games have existed and why do they keep making them .....

Plus strictly talking DND 5e I think 20 mobs around your level is a deadly encounter. So I don’t know how much that will even happen (just a general example since I’m not bringing in CR stuff ) and lets not forget why WoTC wants a 5e based game instead of 3.5 or AD&D since it kind of matters and I’m just as excited for the multiplayer potential as I’m am for the single player campaign and The potential for a powerful table top tool. I mean my DM and some DM friends I know are already talking about utilizing it for their sessions. So the closer it is to the table top DND 5e it is the better. Win win

Whether something is good is a subjective judgment. I was only speaking to smooth flowing and fast paced.

I was only speaking to video games. I don't really care at all about tabletop games.

WotC's rule is that any game being currently made should use the current ruleset. That's how it has always been with WotC. They have never allowed a video game to be made with an older edition of their ruleset. I much rather prefer 3.5e, but I understand and accept WotC wanting to promote their current edition. Makes business sense to do so.