Depends how you look at it. To me there's romance in the game as it is now. It just hasn't developed into obvious levels yet, I guess. Unless you count the dreams you have with the tadpole mindfucking you with the hallusinations of you prancing around on the summer meadows with your dream beau. Don't think the burn is slow enough for my liking though. Shadowheart is fine as a slow burn, if you're into the drag-pull way of romancing and don't mind her baggage as something overtly familiar or uninteresting. The NPCs let it slip in different ways they're looking for love, not just a night in the sack.

I don't think of the romances we have, even leave room for the "plain screwing approach", if you're into holding on to that thought any length of time. Some people seem to think Minthara fills the position in the game, but she's basically the most devout romantic of the lot. She's like the possessed Drow version of Merril from Dragon age 2, who also was estranged from her kin, on a overblown suicidal trajectory and was actively manipulated(though not yet possessed) by a supernatural entity. They both also blurt out that they love the PC after the first time you have sex. While the scared Minthara, "whose entire being is laid bare before you" after you screw her, just doesn't say it in such an obvious way. But there are those adorable telltale romantic gestures: like her bungling an assassination attempt and her affirming her belief in gender equality(saying something like "you're mine and I'm yours") after you convince her you're also still a useful tool to the absolute.

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