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People generally come to forums to complain about something. The people who are happy with the companions are much less likely to post than people who have an axe to grind.

This. Add in the neckbeard factor because a female character dares to be anything but a doe eyed waifu and, well...

Maybe they can add in some mute companions for those who cant handle anything beyond Tolkeinesque low fantasy dirt farmers. The dwarf from the hag's hut can be your bog standard dwarven fighter. Maybe he can say "it if aint dwarven, its crap" in a scottish accent! Oho! That was funny 40 years ago and certainly still holds up! Add in an elven ranger, a hobbit thief, and an old wizard (really just Gale with a beard) and a passive cute female life cleric. Give Tav an amulet that has the narrator intone "You're a special boy! Not only are you special, but you're the MOST special, and no one else is special!". They can click it whenever they need the validation. Then the grandpa crowd can shut up and get to Denny's for their senior specials.

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This. I feel the original BG series might have overdone it a bit with the MC, so it's actually quite easy to see where these critiques are coming from.

Also to be fair Gale (and probably Wyll too - though I feel Wyll just really needs to believe in stories he tells himself to justify the deal he's made) is sort of Mary Sue.