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My initial impression by playing Solasta is, IF ONLY THERE WAS A WAY TO COMBINE THESE TWO GAMES!!!

BG 3 : 10x better graphics, 10000x better looking characters, voice acting, official Faerun license, etc.

Solasta : Easier/convenient interface, no surface nonsense = better combat, better DnD

For me, It's now proven : there should be an option/mod for "strict DnD 5e" rules mode in BG3.

You will be able to do all that in BG3 with a mod at release, so that is 10 mins to do it yourself. You can already do a number of things now with a mod released yesterday.
Or BG3 also has room to grow to make it that way via options or core from here to release as well.

Now the dice rolling animations won't be something in mods and it is nice is Solasta. I'm sure Larian is taking a good look at their game.

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