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I feel like Shadowheart's is the only one that could qualify

I dunno. I got a snog then the day after was The Day After and "I regret it now". Which was its own sort of awesomeness.

"It was the wine talking"

I can't decide if she is a tsundere or if she doesn't want a personal relationship.

I'm voting for tsundre tied to a crisis of faith. She worships the goddess of loss not the the god of hope and new beginnings.

Shar doesn't allow for genuine caring, Shar does allow for sex for fun or advantage, just like Dark Elves. Everyone needs to keep themselves secret.

MY THEORY is that she's ACTUALLY a cleric of Selune, but Sharrites wiped her memory and turned her onto their religion. She's actually a good person, under there, and depending on the player will embrace Shar or rediscover who she was