I admit, I have no idea what to do if the battle is turn-based, if there are twenty enemy archers in front of you and if everyone is aiming at you.

But it seems to me that games with an active pause are built on the idea that the player uses active pause as little as possible. To correct some important things that cannot be corrected without a pause. This has never worked for me. I either use too much control even in the smallest fights, or I lower the difficulty to the absolute minimum, to storymode, to cheats and trainers. And then I stop paying attention to the fights. All the characters do their auto attacks, and I do tea.

And then someone in a smallest corridor steps on a trap and everyone is suddenly in a web. From horns to tails. For a long time. And all I can think is: Pathfinder, you yourself made this mess.

My vote goes for "turn per turn" =)

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