Individual points of feedback after 26 hours of playing:

Great setting and scenary, and a good selection on monsters.

The plot really does give urgency to player actions without resorting to end of the worlds scenarios (I appreciate that that is liable to change over time, but it's great that we start at a small scale rather than trying to save the kingdom after killing the first few rats).

The camera is frustrating at times, getting stuck behind scenery. One time at the start of the game it got stuck in the room with the fight between the illithid and the cambion even though I was still in the room with three imps.

Not sure on the economy of magic arrows - three hundred coin for a one-shot item that boosts damage a touch seems excessive.

I like the creativity in the magic weapons, but all I seemed to see was a wide selection of two-handed weapons. No magic ranged weapons so far, and the single-handed weapons have been less interesting.

I'm not a fan of the companions. I appreciate the ludo-narrative consonance of being forced to spend an extended period of time with some obnoxious people I'd rather just kill, but unlike my player character I can just turn off the game. I appreciate that there seems to be a general move towards 'let's be evil' in RPGs recently, e.g. Tyranny, but it doesn't make me any more inclined to like judgemental, inflexible, arrogant solipists than I was before. Plus the party needs more options for tanks.

The game could stand to have a glossary, but many concepts are explained well.

The game could stand to have a pause function as well - I don't mind fighting the enemies, but I would prefer to have better equipment to deal with the UI.

Pathing can be weak at times - I've lost count of the number of times when my player character decided that the best route from A to B involved throwing themselves off a cliff. Does a good job at traversing fairly long distances otherwise though.

Sneaking and combat can be a slow and frustrating exercise in micromanagement.

Any chance of an option for how much is highlighted when the 'alt' button is pressed? There's lots of stuff I'm interested in that doesn't highlight (such as food) which leads to long pixel-hunts in some rooms.

I love the number of autosave and quicksave slots - thank you. Would be nicer to have more frequent autosave, but the number of slots is great.

Had an amusing physics bug where a corpse glitched out of existance a couple of times, but that's mostly been fine.

Maybe have things that are spotted glow or shimmer for a bit longer once they've been seen. There have been a few too many times where someone in the party has spotted something and I've had no idea what it was. Sometimes it was a trap (Oh! That's what you saw). Sometimes I still have no idea.

Having an inventory sort button would be really handy. Particularly by something like weight.

Succeeded one level up to loose my stat increase my trying to improve a maxxed out stat. Oops.

Combat seems to consist of wandering the map until I find a fight I stand a chance of winning and then hoping that I get enough exp and loot from it to be able to take on something else. I appreciate that grinding isn't fun, but having some non-essential combats would be nice. Or else be a bit more generous with the non-combat exp. Even the combar rewards are not great - killing those phase spiders took almost all my resources and total reward was a gem for a book I've got no idea why I should be interested in and a robe that might have been mildly handy for the fight if I'd actually brought the wizard along.

Was highly amused by Volo when I first met him. Slaughtering the goblins outside the castle? No problem. Looting the merchant's area? That is just not on! Stealing from the dead is obviously far more serious than actually killing someone.

Either way, good game, but I'm not really inclined to play more. Too much 'let's give evil a chance', too few 'good' options, no decent rewards for quests: save the druid and kill the goblins and you get a staff that can create a puddle of mud once a day and a forgettable pile of junk. Saving the druid and finding that there is no quest exp and my only reward is 'the princess is in another castle' and most of the traders no longer being willing to trade with me, before sending me down to fight minotaurs that can wipe the floor with my party because I can't find any more fights to level up from? That was the final straw.