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Concerning "Elemental effects have no business in a D&D game, jump to 25:56


Virtually no one claims that ground effects have "no business in D&D", most of us are quite aware that D&D has a lot of ground based spells like Spike Growth, Grease, Web, etc. as well as items such as Alchemist's Fire or oil/acid flasks. What D&D DOESN'T have are cantrips that deal damage AND create a surface effect in addition or even on a miss. Of course throwing an oil flask with your rogue and having your mage set it ablaze with Burning Hands or even a Firebolt should remain, no one is arguing that.
But a Firebolt that creates a fire ground effect by itself is a bit much, not to mention the general overuse of such effects.

Oh, you mean except for the OP, that literally said that? Oh my, what about all the people that wholeheartedly agree? They've been duped!

Or maybe they just read more than the first sentence and try to understand the OP's feelings....

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