Honest to god I don't get it. Even with the EA, contained content we got (and specially because of that), you can perceive growth in Shadowheart, for example (since everyone complains mostly about her cause she ain't no waifu).

If you help the tieflings, she's surprised she found herself caring for them, despite the complaints, if you side with the goblins she's clearly conflicted about the murders, drunkenly talking to you about it. She reads like a conflict of morals from someone who was raised inside a cult and never had to really confront things outside of that, and that shows both growth and potential for more growth as the game goes on.
And yes the romances are def rushed here, if you ignore they might have limited time to bang with a tadpole inside their heads, it's one thing I hope to be fixed.

Being able to see that small growth in EA is reassuring to me in that yes, the writing is nuanced, and I expect it to continue to be so, even if they are not the most companionable companions. Perhaps labelling her as a tsundere will prove more effective in convincing the masses. Point is, females having any depth that's not "cleric swoon *giggles*" is where majority of the complaints I saw seem to be coming from. And this from someone who absolutely detests Wyll and that frog Lae'zel and will not say no to a good himbo given the chance. I haven't been able to stand Wyll in my plays because of his casual arrogance, Lae'zal casual racism and arrogance (Lae compliments your character on their nerve after killing the goblin leaders though, which, hey, another sign of growth). Wyll.. I'd rather eat dwarf belly than have him in my party, honestly, but I see where he has potential and why people might like him as a character.

A dimensional companion you hate is infinitely preferable over blanks of characters that add nothing and just react with claps and praise. But, as with most other posts, this will end up being a battle of opinions.