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[quote=Tuco] and then I click on another character and all the characters run back towards that character straight back into the bloody vines!

That is annoying, but just to be sure, you know that you can (and must, in this case) unlink your party members, right?

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[quote=Tuco] ...after one of my characters clumsily runs back into a trap...

Good point. Sigh. Characters should avoid damage if there is a path that achieves that.

To the general point of the OP: DA:O has already been mentioned. In exploration mode, I really really like to navigate one character via WASD from the over the shoulder perspective (you can zoom out to the top down perspective at any time and back to the 3rd person over the shoulder one), with or without the party following. It is immersive.

Oh, and BTW, DA:O also had fog of war. Scouting was an important part of exploration and gameplay, you could not just move your camera to the back of a room or around the corner of a dungeon to check if some wizard was in an ambush position.

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