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Oh, and I would also like to romance Jaheira, again.

Hehe. Did you, or anyone else, ever feel like a heel romancing Jaheira given that she is a grieving widow? She's definitely one of the best cRPG romances of all-time, but I always feel a little dirty for doing it.

Come on. Khalid would never have made her happy, or CHARNAME, with his lack of strength and such. She was already accustomed to his death from BG:1. He always somehow walked into some gnolls or something around the Friendly Arms Inn, without his armor and his weapons even! CHARNAME did not even want to romance her at the beginning, only be her emotional support. But then he always somehow said and did the right things, including resting outside at the right time, only to be ambushed by the only somewhat competent ambushers in the whole game, and offered himself as a hostage to save her life. And despite all her initial doubts, they ended up literally going to hell and back together.

Aaanyway...dudes, you have to earn the 3 in BG:3. It has to be more than just stuff taking place in the vicinity of the city.

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