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Why are you TB guys advocating so doggedly against a RTwP mode? Nobody is arguing that TB needs to cancelled. We just want to have an option where we can choose.

Honestly because I don't think they can pull it off and to be realistic if they did manage to they wouldn't be able to without butchering the current system they are building based on 5e.

They couldn't pull it off with their own Home Brew cRPG they built and abandoned the Idea. So honestly do you think they could do it with a system that was tailored more than any other DnD version towards turn based play? Without sacrificing the quality of the game they are building. It would just take additional resources and time from it to try and implement something they already failed at in their own IP. I could be wrong but.... I'm not saying they are incapable of it if they really put in the effort, but that would def take away from the current game. 5e is not as easy to make work in a RTwP environment as AD&D was, and the difficulty to pull it off gets even worse the higher the levels get... If your fine with your characters turning into AI killing machines and you simply controlling 1 character, I however know I wouldn't and a bunch of other people wouldn't and if you did you would still be pausing at least every second most times. If not more.

Just want to second this. If they built a RTWP system in addition to the current turn-based system it would require basically all the time until they decide to release, most likely.