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That so called romance in party night at camp is waaaay far from romance. It is a very low level grab what you can kind of one night stand. I mean your party members get aligned to be picked up by PC is a huge immersion breaker.

Another huge immersion breaker is nothing really changes in dialogs or personality of the companion with whom you made love a night before. There is just some kind of "what do you think about last night" option and it is completely empty.

I don't know what you guys over there understand from romance but the thing you implemented is not romance. It is just a low level one night stand.

And, please, get rid of those over the top facial expressions of PC during dialogs. They just look like teenagers who lack self esteem rather than an adventurer who is on an epic journey about life and death in a land full of magic and danger.

This is incorrect, if you get with Astarion and have Best Friend status with him, he says, "Hello, Lover." When you engage dialogue with him up. My Twitter post ^^

Also, it is only chapter 1 and Astarion is clearly only wanted a small fling. It definitely looks like in the future he will open up to you more when you pursue him ^^.

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