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I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Romance" in these games is just stupid. Maybe it's because of the generation I'm from but trying to get lucky with a computer game character is just ridiculous to me. It's not even like it's hard to achieve that goal and the correct dialogue choices are usually blatantly obvious. Don't worry, if you can't figure it out, the internet will tell you the right things to say. It's just silly and I wish I could just enjoy a good adventure without having to dodge around the contrived romantic sub-plots.

Of course it's stupid... (almost) always was, but for some reason, it's kinda expected for RPGs at this point. It's a trope, and it can actually be detremental to the reception a game receives these days. Just take The Outer Worlds, for instance, and how much sh*t Obsidian got pre-release, when they specifically stated that there will be NO romances in the game, because they thought it to be non-sensical to have them in the story they wanted to tell.

Romances can work, though... if they are well written and fit/have a place in the narrative (Jaheira in BG2, Annah in Planescape Torment), but usually they are just a "checkbox feature", and convoluted as hell.

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