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There are many issues with the system as it stands and it seems obvious that it at heart has a MP feel to it as individually the characters are fine right, by and large.

- Un-Link/Re-Link All
There are times the game wants you to use TB individual commands, but then it should make doing that convenient and easy. Step 1 is to allow us to unlink or relink Everyone at will, rather than just by dragging individuals.

I think a lot of this issues that have been brought up are valid, but I don't think they require a radical overhaul of the system, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, can we at least get this?

I'm sure the pathing issues are things they are already working on, as well as some tweaks, but I really hate the chaining/unchaining mechanic, and if they want to keep it, a single button toggle to chain/unchain all nearby party members would alleviate so much of the frustration (at least for me)