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Exactly this too. These companions are not likeable, not even a bit. They are all either too special with some great mysteries or too edgy. They are like written by 15 years olds!

Plus, I don't think there is a reasonable romance mechanics in this game other than hooking up at nights in camp or some other places then force us to pretend that was some deep or special moment. What I mean is if you are dedicated to put romance in your game, which is a bad idea most of the time, you should consider a lot of things. I mean you go into fights against monsters along side the person you've slept with a night before and maybe she cast a saving spell on you and then what? Just go on with the quest like a robot as if she didn't save your life a minute ago!

That's usually how it goes, yea... and it's also usually the best way to tell if a "romance" is part of the actual narrative or just in there, well, just because. Cheap titillation.