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Keep in mind that this is only the first act: these are the opening motions of will -become- a romance later on in the game!

The 'hookups' at this point in time are just that; they're intended to be whirlwind, potentially alcohol-induced nights of revelry. Will they stay as just that? Or will you keep going back? Find out in Act 2 and beyond!

This is just wishful thinking. Companions are just literally alinged to be picked up at that night like red-light district prostitutes or as if high school horny teenagers who just wait for an oportunity to get laid. These are supposed to be people who have extreme backgrounds and immense experience. We are talking about people who can get into love affairs with a goddess or seen and done things with demons which granted them immense powers so that they have gone extraordianry adventures. However, somehow they get easily picked up to get laid by a person they just know for a week while they are in a mortal danger.

Do you really think it is not immersion breaker than go on have fun playing this game. I am happy for you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Romance" in these games is just stupid. Maybe it's because of the generation I'm from but trying to get lucky with a computer game character is just ridiculous to me. It's not even like it's hard to achieve that goal and the correct dialogue choices are usually blatantly obvious. Don't worry, if you can't figure it out, the internet will tell you the right things to say. It's just silly and I wish I could just enjoy a good adventure without having to dodge around the contrived romantic sub-plots.

Bravo. You summed up perfectly. This game lacks a lot of cool DnD mechanics yet the developers seemed to be so eager to serve some kind of totally unnecessary mechanics they call romance! At least, they could have made it optional. As you said perfectly not every player should spend some of their play time trying to dodge the contrived romantic sub-plots.

I mean we are talking about a cRPG without day/night cycle, with free camera scouting which renders DnD scouting mechanics useless, with wherever and whenever you wish long rest which renders so many mechanics in terms of magic economy and party setups useless, etc. etc... Yet, what we are served is some so called romance dialog options with unlikeable characters.

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