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Lots of posts about romance recently.
I will just post whatever I posted earlier in the other thread.

Certain things need to be changed for sure.

1) Don't make everyone horny. The flirting between characters should be an on going thing throughout the gameplay and concluded then.
Yes Affinity and character's approval of you is important but it totally feels weird for Gale to be hitting on me randomly that night and being so crushed that I turn him down... its just cringe man.

This. Romances nowadays feels so incredibly pushed , blatant and cringy for "we have sexy romances in" sake. Tone this down and increase the characters LORE instead. Larian, more D&D LORE and ATMOSPHERE ! ! All complaints usually resolves around this, whether it be world building , combat, character design etc...
The ironic thins is, Larian is located in Belgium! Dont know about you but anything close to France should know a thing are two how romances work. Larian is trying to hard to be Holywoody. Stay European wink May I ask...is an American intern doing your romance design work? frown

They are def going for the more graphic route with what we saw in that preview video, I just hope it comes with small changes like these to balance things out and make it less, well, cringe. Relationship development doesn't equate do sex and that is something that cannot be said enough for games that decide to include it as a feature.

I cannot make a comment on how different countries view romance though, I don't think one can be said to know of it more than others, I'd honestly not go there with the generalisation or ranking based on countries, specially if it comes as an attack. It is possible to be constructive without being scathing, which is more the direction I'd hope for a discussion to go (there's flame enough around the forum, one of the reasons I made another thread instead of simply commenting on existing ones).