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Lots of posts about romance recently.
I will just post whatever I posted earlier in the other thread.

Certain things need to be changed for sure.

1) Don't make everyone horny. The flirting between characters should be an on going thing throughout the gameplay and concluded then.
Yes Affinity and character's approval of you is important but it totally feels weird for Gale to be hitting on me randomly that night and being so crushed that I turn him down... its just cringe man.

Have Gale try to flirt with my character, I turn him down, He grumbles. This could be randomly generated event as I play the game. Like the time I stepped in front of the crossbow to protect Sazza. Have him say something that I could respond with a flirt. This should start the series of flirty dialogue lines that both Gale and player experience until the Tiefling party where finally Gale and my character decide to take it further.

That would feel much more organic.
And if it HAS to happen that night then here is option 2!

2) When the party starts Astarion has a question mark over his head about how much he hates the party. And he says he wants to have some fun.
This time instead of telling you wants to bang me how about he asks me "Hey bud, The wine is crap but at least maybe I can find a good bang! What about you? Who do you have your eye on?"

This gives the player total control of who they want. Instead of other characters hitting on you, you tell Astarion "hey I had my eye on Shadowheart, she is hot".
Now whether Shadowheart overhears this coversation or Astarion is the best wingman ever... you take your pick.
Thats when she starts flirting with you and maybe invites you to the "after-party"

Of course this may be a little too quick for some so there is always option 3.

3) Player hits on the tieflings and just has a one night stand. The other Origin companions make commentary and maybe give some flirts of their own.

But besides all that... for the love of god overhaul the Tiefling party, an office party has more energy and fun that whatever it was I saw there at my camp.

Totally! Agreed with everything, I also wanted to write my own long list of feedback and indeed romancing would be one of the things I would heavily touch on. This game has quite a bit of 'light' flirting going on, like the stars scene with Astarion, but the problem is, these little dialogues don't always trigger, here is an example of that chat I mentioned with Astarion:

[Linked Image]

Then there's Gale's weave sharing scene I have never been able to trigger, no matter how many guides I followed. It just won't happen. There should be a reliable way to trigger them, all of them, like I stumbled across this Astarion scene quite randomly, and I figured out that you can only trigger it with Lae'zel in your group, so she needs to be alive, and then she needs to speak to Zorru BEFORE you discover that Astarion is a vamp. Now it's a hella convoluted way to trigger some possible romantic interaction. It could've been so easily modified without having him mention the gith creche. And we need more little romantic interactions like that from the screenshot. Cause indeed, as of now, it's.. oh, I hit on you once or twice and suddenly you wanna bang?! Make these options branch out. Like there is soooooomuch potential. Like in Gales case, from what I've seen on youtube, his romance does branch out a little, there are some follow up scenes to the infamous weave sharing stuff. Now, branch it out even more and include something like that to all romancable companions. Make these damn dialogues matter.

To add to the overall camp problems, the game should be able to track the time we spent, cause so far I've noticed, you can rest 20 times in a row, and the game still considers the day to be... day 2??????????? Are you serious? How hard is it to track how many times we rested? And what day it is? What would be nice is if maybe some characters could slowly open up and trigger dialogues at camp as time progresses.

Next character developing thing that I noticed is very messed up - your characters want to talk to you after you do something, eg. after you squish that tadpole of that Edowyn guy, the one who got mauled by the owlbear and wants you to protect his ''siblings'' (acolytes more like), now I noticed, that when you squish it, sometimes Astarion wants to talk to you about it, sometimes Lae'zel, so how about... you trigger everyone who has something to say about what just happened there instead of just having one of them 'react' and locking out all the others from ever mentioning it again? Especially considering that a lot of times, the companions share entirely different perspectives on certain events, or have them have a group conversation about it.

Next thing that should be changed is... grinding approval with certain characters by repeating the actions they like... like petting the dog (Wyll, Gale and Shadow love you doing that), drinking from the well at Ethel's hut (Lae + Gale love that) and... stealing the boots repeatedly of that deep gnome chick in myconoid village + talking about Shar and passing persuasion checks over and over with Shadowheart (Astarion loves you doing that). Yes, these things should net you approval, but only ONCE per game, not on repeat. As of now it's a lot worse than giving gifts to companions in DAO, what a looooooot of people hated how you could go from hate to best friends in just a few gifts...

Last, but not least, what I found very odd, is that in Astarion's 'under construction scene', if you let him bite you during it, Shadowheart disapproves?? LIke wot? How would she even know or care? Does Astarion afterwards run around and brag that the PC let him bite us during intercourse? Like come on, such a thing has no place in there. It's not like Shadow is sitting a bush observing us during that...I hope.

Anyway.. it's a long enough rant. Most likely I will add to it later. When I think of more stuff that's irritating me.