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I disagree. DnD can be a very tactical game. But I don't think a 1 to 1 is going to make it the perfect game.
I'd like to see some rules adhere to DnD better though, but I don't mind the surfaces etc as much as others (although some spells gets a little too powerful right now because of it).

I like the current advantage system, that adds stratagy, but every class having "cunning actions" takes away from the rogue and makes things a little too easy.

Surfaces are a great example of an interesting mechanic added to the dull DnD System. And i agree - Advantage and Light are 2 good mechanics that actually come from the core rules.
But just to show the point im trying to make a bit more...

Core DnD does not consider positioning. No flanking, no "backstabs" in the literal sense. Thats horrible for tactical combat. The only thing core rules DnD cares about is adjacent allies - and for pen and paper that is totally fine because it simplifies combat and in pen and paper not everyone runs maps and figures. But here the game is literally you being a "figure on a map"

Here's the problem. You aren't actually thinking.

At all. About anything you've said. None of it in practice.

At current, everyone in melee has advantage unless your back is to a wall, at all times. Why? The backstabbing and disengage systems are so utterly, hilariously broken that there is no reason not to get behind an enemy and backstab them. Literally no reason not to.

At current, the only reason to every take AOO is because the game either glitched, or the pathfinding is broken. Bonus action disengage/jump sees to that.

At current, the only reason to use weapons is nostalgia. Firebolt-even on characters with no skill in using magic-is a better damage dealer because of how completely broken fire surfaces are. Misses do more damage than hits with other abilities. Concentration is a joke because of it.

At current, whomever starts highest wins due to advantage spam, which means that you can trivialize encounters by approaching them from the highest elevation possible. Those that force you into set positions are simply unfair.

At current, enemies have far too much HP and far too little AC, meaning you hit constantly but it takes multiple hits to kill even level 1 foes, even from spells specialized in that task.

Is this fixable? Sure. Make disengaging (and if jump needs to be the source of disengage, jumping) an action instead of a bonus action. Remove advantage from backstabbing unless you also actually flank (creatures at opposite locations), or just remove it altogether, or ideally model dynamic facing as characters move relative to each other. Make it so surfaces deal less damage by more than half, make it so that cantrips either make surfaces or do damage and never both, and make it so that fire surfaces either set you on fire (to deal damage) or straight deal damage, not both. Also fix that ice surfaces eat turns-they should remove actions, not turns. Make enemy HP and AC reflect 5e rules unless there is a good reason not to. Remove advantage from elevation-keep disadvantage due to elevation to simulate cover, but not advantage.

I have no problem with surfaces as a theoretical. I have no problem with backstabbing as a theoretical, if it actually requires thought to use. I am fine with changes, but at current these things are simply "how to win". Not "how to use tactics". If there is a right decision in all circumstances, it's not tactics. You simply understand how they broke the system and can exploit it, or you don't and struggle against enemies that do.

All of this gets a +1 from me.