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Last, but not least, what I found very odd, is that in Astarion's 'under construction scene', if you let him bite you during it, Shadowheart disapproves?? LIke wot? How would she even know or care? Does Astarion afterwards run around and brag that the PC let him bite us during intercourse? Like come on, such a thing has no place in there. It's not like Shadow is sitting a bush observing us during that...I hope.

Anyway.. it's a long enough rant. Most likely I will add to it later. When I think of more stuff that's irritating me.

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Yeh, that too, but most of these things I expect being an effect of EA (like the bugs for approval, 100% sure they will be gone, they are bugs not features, after all), if we can get enough good feedback and Larian listens, the other stuff can also be easily fixed as well (hopefully). Getting a little more attention to the camp is the "solution" I got to the overall dislike for the currently available companions, because yeh, so far it's locked behind big story beats.