Looks better. Not sure if it makes sense to merge a couple threads that are discussing the same topics in different places? For example...

Party size (4 vs 6):

Level Cap

Those could probably be merged if we have that feature on the forums.

I also saw a bunch of lengthy threads discussing 5e, or comparisons to DivinityOS 1/2 and BG1/2. Party movement/pathing. Romances. GUI etc. Couple subjects that seem to gather quite a few replies. I don't know that thread length necessarily means a better thread, but perhaps makes sense to just go through and see which subjects have garnered more than like 5 pages. Or if any of them might be merged into something more Mega sized to populate this section?

I still think it would be nice to have some stickies with general categories and discussion prompts. As opposed to just moving existing threads, maybe we gather internal links and then frame new stickies by subject, with links to earlier discussions where it makes sense. Going back past 50 pages and some subjects are more speculative, since they were clearly posted before the EA actually launched. But maybe there's some stuff in there too


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