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I didn't complain about my romance with Astarion, who are the people you are talking about? I guess I don't count.

I in fact don't mind Astarion at all because I play far too much VTM to get mad at snarky vampires, I will probably have my character romance him once the full game comes out, but the "DTF?" came out of nowhere specially when his opinion of my character was low, not even neutral during one of my plays. But yeah, him not being relatable/snarky is one of the things I see complains about (it's usually more focused on the girls tho cause "waifu", we know why). I do want more small interactions with all of them, of course, and I can envision him being mad at having to do small tasks at camp and that makes me want it all the more.

I have to point it's not all about romance, the game really could use more building blocks to the relationships, you don't take part in the party banter prompts while walking about, since you don't have a full fledged background, but that can be overcome.

You use a lot of acronyms that I have no idea what they mean.

I think the romance is fine atm, keep in mind that it is Early Access. We don't even have the full game yet. Also keep in mind, it is an RPG, not a dating sim.

There are a large variety of romancing in many different games. Fire Emblem Three Houses is one that has *very little* in terms of romancing your marriage partner, just throw gifts at them and they love you XD. Dragon Age Inqusition didn't have a huge amount either.

I think the amount of romance in BG3 is a good balance, you need to have the romance as an add on, it is not the sole focus of the game. Play a dating sim if you want more romance imo.