One of the biggest irritations is the damn camera control. I feel like I'm fighting that more than the monsters. I stopped by and picked up the creature from the underdark. Went exploring, and killed the monsters on the way to the village on the lake. (Can't see the names of these things now when hovering over them) well I used the reanimated spores on 2 of the monsters and one of the spore people. Camped, came back and had a total of 9 character portraits: my 4 party members, my summoned spider and the 3 reanimated creatures. Well, there are only an actual total of 8 people/creatures. The other reanimated monster is un-clickable and not even on the map. When moving around 1-3 of my party won't move with whoever is selected as leader. So, this is where the camera issue really rears it's head, I get to the abandoned village and one of the Drueger(sp) appeared and started a fight because I let the spores infect me, or something like that. Well there ends up being my 8 characters plus like 8-10 enemies in this fight. As I'm fighting, the camera, no matter the character (ally or enemy), focuses on the spore-head and snaps back every few seconds. Its almost impossible to see where anybody is. Also the sporehead won't do any attacks or movement. There is no debuff or anything making it to where it can't.

Apologies for not remembering the creatures names. The 2 I reanimated are right outside the sporeheads village. They are accompanied by a man? And Apologies for any spelling issues, or grammar.