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You use a lot of acronyms that I have no idea what they mean.

I think the romance is fine atm, keep in mind that it is Early Access. We don't even have the full game yet. Also keep in mind, it is an RPG, not a dating sim.

There are a large variety of romancing in many different games. Fire Emblem Three Houses is one that has *very little* in terms of romancing your marriage partner, just throw gifts at them and they love you XD. Dragon Age Inqusition didn't have a huge amount either.

I think the amount of romance in BG3 is a good balance, you need to have the romance as an add on, it is not the sole focus of the game. Play a dating sim if you want more romance imo.

Oh sorry, I'm very used to them I forget to write in full, "DTF" is "down to fuck", and "VTM" is Vampire the masquerade, a tabletop game. As I said, romance is not the sole focus of the suggestion, it will always be impossible to please everyone with these things because it's very subjective, but adding depth to all relationships is not exclusively about the romance aspect. It adds to the RPG elements as well as having more simple yet rewarding (maybe, it is, after all, a suggestion based on my preferences) to the game. I might have fared better by leaving "romance" out of the title in this thread, since it is a contentious topic.

I think we could also wait a bit to see how well the writers handle it with the feedback they have already received. The story is not finished, and I am very curious to see the rest of my characters story with Astarion personally <3.

I don't think it's a bad thing to have less things with companions this early on, it would be weird if you got too chummy with people you barely know. My companions don't like chatting, so I've been keeping to myself too; so in a sense I've been RPing the same way as the companion characters XD.

I do think they could change a bit to make it so they let you ask questions. ATM I'm terrified of starting a conversation T_T.

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