my problem is that EA seems pretty polished and the current trend worries me.
I also have DOS2 to work with and... I am worried.

Companions are too silent, rarely do they say much. Your interactions with them is easily missable especially at came, When trying to please one character you usually displease two others. The game becomes something you have to engineer to learn about other characters rather than just playing the game.
If I try to get closer to Astarion or Shadowheart it is almost guaranteed that Wyll or Gale would begin to hate you or be indifferent.

Also the romance development at the tiefling party are some of the worst I have seen. Its like one of those cringy player fantasy that any and all potential love interests throw themselves at the PC.
Its not a dating sim and it doesn't need to be. It just needs to tell a story properly and it currently isn't doing it very well when it comes to its romance.