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well said!
two minor disagreements:
even though i like alignment more than my friends, it's not really part of 5e anymore.
5e is not perfectly balanced. if you give out no magic items magic users will overshadow martials at higher levels.
also i would not mind them buffing shitty spells like find traps, witch bolt or barskin.

First +1 times infinity to the OP and second poster!!! To the quoted above:

True, alignment isn't a major factor in 5E anymore, but its not completely invisible either.

5E is not "perfectly" balanced, but what the OP is saying is why have Larian rehash solved problems in 5E by making poor/uninformed changes to the system that has been through years of playtesting already?

The OP also didn't say "don't give any magic items" he said don't pepper them on PC's in the level range of 1-10 well over and above what they should have in those tiers. Its already problematic enough that goblins are throwing thousands of gold worth of alchemical bombs and magic arrows at a level 2 party.