I can only hope anything suggested here would "make waves", and the devs haven't said anything about not posting feedback while they handle things.We also don't have a timeline of when to submit feedback and then wait to do more, on the chance it might make a difference in Early Access, this would be it, sooner rather than later in development. I do imagine they are dealing with massive amounts of both feedback and bugs, in this podcast interview for USGamer Swen mentioned there having been more bugs than expected, which in itself ties to what Eddiar said about the EA seeming too polished in a way. There was an expectation of it being polished, or so it seems.

I am very hopeful overall, I liked the game a lot so far, and I'm not trying to be negative towards the work that has been done. We know mods will be there for the small things later, too. In all honesty, I don't think they will read this thread in particular, but considering I paid some money for the EA and the chance to give this feedback, here I am!