I agree it's not romance - let's just hope we can add "yet" in.
But it also makes quite a lot of sense it isn't quite the let's get married scene yet and frankly I prefer it that way.

- I feel Astarion's party invitation is completely in character for him even if his opinion on character isn't the best, so I wouldn't change anything there. Also his relationship with the PC afterward makes sense.

- I've never actually gotten the Wyll scene - must be bugged or something, but in order for anything to happen the PC need to be the one to ask - so what's the problem? After seeing the cutscene on Youtube I have to state though that there's hardly anything more off-putting than a horned lady spying on you through eye prosthesis while you're getting busy.

- Gale will only act on it if you've been asking for it through the elusive and hard to get Weave scene. while I consider his "romance" development by far the best of all available options, the morning after talk though? IRL he'd be flying of my bed, clothes following through the window!

- Shadowheart is really sweet and conflicted about herself in general and her next day reaction actually makes sense in this context.

- Lae'Zel is uh just being herself I guess whatever that's supposed to be

In conclusion Astarion is the only one that doesn't leave the PC bruised the day after (emotionally or physically) which really wouldn't be my first guess...

It really sucks to be left with these cliffhangers though for an unforseeable future. Let me just stare this loud and clear before anyone at Larian gets any ideas I absolutely loathe tragic endings- really I'm capable of uninstalling an never look your way again was this to take place 🤫🤭

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