Wait you guys get "romacnce" in this game? All I get is Shadowhears disapproval! (Good realism simulator)

Jokes aside. I haven't actually been able to unlock a whole lot of romance sequences. In my evil Run Shadowheart seemed into me, but "She knows better to share a bunk with someone when she's drunk" which I honestly thought was an amazing way to get "rejected, but not rejected"

Minthara was ready to pork, but that's obviously not "love". And Astarion too. Although his scene wasn't done yet, so it's hard to say how it really played out, but it seemed very much a path to something more. It was the "first night of passion that leads to something more"

In my multiplayer play through it seemed some of the characters were willing, but we let them down.

To me it all comes down to the camp dialogue feeling both bugged and half done. Gale ends up with no options after a while, which is okay, but Shadowheart keeps all of hers, so you have the same conversation over and over.

It's not the romance that feels wrong, but I don't feel a sense of growing closer to the characters. Shadowheart responds differently when you decipher her god, which is cool, but she's still the snarky *itch towards you even when she considers you a friend.
I'd love to see this be improved during EA.