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I'm happy with Shadowheart (aka the Black Widow) to be snarky, to be treated as a disposable sex toy by Astarion and to be looked at as some sort of pond scum by Lae'zel. That's what they are like and it shows that they have their own minds and characters (that, in the RP side, have existed long before I came along).

What I hope is that the Romance paths (not the horizontal jogging, that's not romance) see a more significant change in this behaviour. We see some evidence for that in this first Act, but my hope is that, by the end, you will be viewed by your chosen Companion as an actual friend. That would be a worthy Romance path to my mind.

With Shadowheart I do get a sense of that brewing, especially when you accept her religion, she does warm up a bit. But I wish we could see it reflected in other dialogue too.